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Patym Launched Paytm Mall App: Standalone E-commerce Services

Paytm Mall App: The ace payment and commerce company Paytm has unveiled Patym mall, an e-commerce app.  Paytm has been running its popular services mobile wallet and e-commerce portal together and with this app, users can get access to both of them.Nevertheless, the company is planning to separate the two services as the wallet will soon become a part of its payments bank and with the launch of this Paytm Mall, it is clear that it is happening.

Surprisingly, Paytm Mall resembles the name T-Mall, which is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China and a part of Alibaba Group, which is an investor in Paytm. At the start of this month, there were reports saying that Paytm will be funded with $200 million from Alibaba for its e-commerce business.  Alibaba is also an investor in yet another e-commerce portal Snapdeal, was planning to enter the country as a standalone entity.

Paytm Launches Paytm Mall App: Standalone E-commerce Services

On Monday, the Paytm Mall app was launched and mounts all the categories like electronics, fashion, furnishings etc.  Similar to the Paytm’s marketplace, there are scores of cashback offers, which will fill up your Paytm wallet with respect to the discount.

Though the features and the experience remain the same, the new app is likely to simplify the experience with Paytm making shopping and wallet go hand in hand.  Paytm also updated its Paytm app recently.  The update is aimed at providing faster responses and better experience.

The update also added new uses such as paying loan installments, and simplifying utility bill payments. The sample electricity bill feature will let you see sample bills for different service providers that highlight the different fields so that you can find the relevant information easily on your own bill.

The Paytm Mall app being successor sorts to Paytm app looks alike and the experience and features almost resemble each other.  On Monday, Paytm announced that it has crossed 200 million wallets so far.  It can be said that to attract number of users and to highlight the transactions, the company would have come up with this new app that focuses mainly on transactions.


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