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Nintendo Japan Adds MSX, NEO GEO to VC

by Shawn White (2007-02-23)

According to an update on Nintendo of Japan's Web site, classic systems NEO GEO and MSX are planned to have games appear on Wii's Virtual Console. The system update, which currently only applies to Japan, is slated for Spring 2007.

Nintendo's official site also confirmed that two MSX titles, Eggy and Aleste, will be the first to represent the format on Virtual Console, at a starting price of 800 Wii Points. No NEO GEO games were listed at this time.

In addition, Spike, G-Mode, Pony Canyon and SNK have pledged support for Wii's download service, bringing the total number of third-party Virtual Console supporters to 28.

No word has yet been made regarding if or when North American or PAL gamers will see these updates.

As a Microsoft-led attempt at establishing unified standards among PC hardware makers, the MSX system sold five million units worldwide, though the machines seldom appeared in the United States. MSX hosted the first installements of the Bomberman, Eggerland, Metal Gear, Parodius and Puyo Puyo franchises.

The NEO GEO, released by SNK in 1990, was a catridge-based platform that saw release both in arcades and as a home console. Due to the expensive nature of the system and its games (initially costing 9 and 0 a piece, respectively), NEO GEO originally only found appeal in a niche market. SNK released hardware revisions and handheld iterations of NEO GEO in years following.

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