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Nintendo Announces Wii Channel Details

by Bryan Zubrod (2006-11-16)

Nintendo has announced new details surrounding various Wii channels and when they will be available.

The press release states that "the Wii Menu serves as the main portal to the different functions of Wii, and is designed to evolve throughout the life of the system. Some functions can be used right out of the box and more will roll out during the next few weeks and into next year, with content continually changing over time."

The Disk Channel, Mii Channel, and Wii Shop Channel will all be available upon the system's release. Wii owners will also be able to download classic games from the Wii Shop Channel, which Nintendo intends to update with more games every Monday until the end of 2006. The Opera browser will also be made available from the Wii Shop Channel. According to Nintendo, information regarding the availability of the browser "will be released in the coming weeks."

Nintendo also specified details concerning Wii's Forecast and News Channels, which will not be available to Wii owners on launch day. The Forecast Channel will be released on December 20 with weather information provided by Japan based Weathernews Inc., while the News Channel will be available on January 27, with content provided by the Associated Press.

The full press report from Nintendo is available here.

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