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System 3 Developing Two Games

by Rob Galbreath (2006-08-15)

According to Retro Gamer magazine, a UK-based magazine also sold in the United States, System 3 will be releasing two games alongside the Wii around November.

Gottlieb Pinball Classics, a pinball game, has recently appeared on the Sony PSP and Sony PlayStation 2. Game historians may recall that a game arcade company was established by David Gottlieb in the 1930s. Gottlieb, a pioneer in the pinball industry, went on to create Atari 2600 games. Due to several game failures, Gottlieb's company went bankrupt and the rights were bought out.

Leaderboard Golf, a golfing simulation, has also made a PlayStation 2 appearance as well as a PC game.

No word has yet determined if these two games will be available as Wii titles, a compilation, or Virtual Console downloads.

The Wiire will keep on the lookout as more develops.