Bajrangi Bhaijaan 9 days, Day 9 Box Office Collection – Salman Khan, Harshaali, Kareena Kapoor

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has finally reached the 200 Crore club by the end of the 8th day. The movie has already broke the records made by the much-hyped movie Baahubali. People expected Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be a general Salman Khan flick. But the movie irrespective of Salman Khan’s charm, won several hearts with its heart-filling story.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan 9 days, Day 9 Box Office Collection – Salman Khan, Harshaali

bajrangi bhaijaan
bajrangi bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan released on July 17th on the occasion of Eid. Like any Salman Khan movie, fans expected it to be a power packed flick with action sequences and heavy Salman dialogs. But Bajrangi Bhaijaan proved everyone wrong taking us to an emotional ride.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan won several appreciations from the critics and fans. The movie also did an amazing job at the box office and was declared a Box Office Blockbuster. The movie raised around 200 crores by the end of the eight day.

bajrangi bhaijaan
bajrangi bhaijaan

The movie raised 27.25 Crores on the first day.
36.60 crores on the second day
38.75 crores on the third day
27.05 crores on the fourth day
21.40 crores on the fifth day
18.02 crores on the sixth day
15.55 crores on the seventh day
First-weekend collection- 184.65 crores
Around 20* crores on the eight days taking the movie into the 200 crore club.

This is not the first time that Salman Delivered a clean performance keeping aside the star image he has. We saw him doing Jaan-e-man and Bagbhaan in which he delivered some spectacular acting.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is running towards the 300 crore milestone and will also easily reach it. The second weekend is also important with respect to the collections. The movie is expected to raise around 20-25 crores on the 9th day, that is Saturday.


Bajarangi Bhaijaan is very heart touching movie…….. I love this movie very much as well as Salman Khan…………………………

today(saturday), after i watch the movie, i confirm that this film is the best film in the year 2015 and will remain same until release the next film of Salman Bhai…

Bajarangi bhaijan is very heart touching movie.I Love this movie very much as well as salman khan….I liked movie….

Excellent first laugh then cry then happy
All nation people are good . Only some politics , mafia and occupation . Pain is to normal people , enjoyment to them . If they face same pain then their reaction is different

I love all movies of salman khan and I love bajrangi bhaijaan very much very heart touch performance by salman bhai

Hi, movie superb.. U knw what, the writer of this film n baahubali is the same.. I.e vijayendra prasad( father of ss rajamouli baahubali director)

Awesome movie, I believe this movie is Salman Khan’s best movie. The message in the movie is outstanding very less movies are made now days with a message of peace. For Nawazudin, I would like to add that this movie shows his brilliance we rarely saw him in funny character. It is evident from the box office performance that everyone love this movie.

The moral of the movie is that humanity is far superior than staunch followness of anything whether religion Kingdom stardom or whatever. …….

Comment:awesome movie..salman and harshali both are awesome cast in the movie.salman bhai once again proved why he is the best in bollywood.and hope this movie easily entered into 300+crore club.thanks bhaijaan to make such an awesome movie and this the reason salman managed to brings a lot of fans into theatre.mashallah 350+crore…

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a very very good Movie and its also a heart touching movie and this movie is wons several peoples hearts..

Comment:”Bajarangi Bhaijaan” is the number one and evergreen movie…. And i have no words to explain the excellence of this movie..

this movie is biggest blockbuster ever.. bhai u r so cute in this movie also ur munni (,cuttest baby as a child artist) also I pray to god it will do their business more & more. I love u bhaijan ….

bajrangi bhaijaan is phantastic movie .I m very happy salman bhai aap ke samne chuje hai yaar. y r great actor

Main ne salman bhai ki sari filmian dekhi yeh bhai ki sabse behtarein filmo main se ek hai wah salman bhai aapne toh hamain rula diya climax main aapne kamal hassan ki yaad diladi aapki adaari koyi jawaab nahi

a Heart touching story with a innocent and cute small girl love the movie and specially thanks to Salman khan who makes this movies a lovely and perfect one

lv u bhai Jan….dis is d bat movie f ur bhai..very hrt touching movie bhai to do v liya tha

Apun ka bhai ka movie kabhi flop nahi hota hai kya….frends next eid ko sultaan move bhai ka jarur dekhna

B B is alltime blockbuster movie I like d movie love u salman Sallu bhai is great… East or west Salman is d best

Kaha gaya ranbeer kapoor katrina ke sath tel lene.ranbeer kapoor super flop hero.abishek bachchan kabbdi khel raha hai sab super ke sons are super flop.bhaijaan salman ek traf puri flim industry ek traf. Koi match nahi

This movie such an amazing movie .. this movie.. touches peoples heart for bhai’s favolous act… some people feel jealous .. for this sucess of movie… they R srk fans

BB is all time blockbuster movie I Like d movie love salman bhai is great ……..! I saw the all movie of salman khan ….! I Think by the grace of god..the movie will across 700 crores……!

Bajrangee bhijan Much much better than pk and bahubali the best of decade.jai HOOO salman khan and kabir khan. Bahubale total computar vfx aur nakli flim hai but bajrangee bhaijan total human emotion flim hai.

i wathced this movie 2 times back to back i dont no how to describe about this movie becaause i get a new feel in a bollywood movie i can say without doughts bajrangi bhaijan is the best movie in salman khans career such a wonderful movie i cant forget shahida s cute smile also and i watched second time this movie only for seing shahida ( harshali malhotra) because of cuteness of this kid and i seen my first time a best bollywood movie and i am sure this is one of the recordbraeker box office movie in bollywood and it is a hearttouchable story anybody cant watch without teers also climax scene I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE SISTER SHAHIDA ( HARSHALI ) I NEVER PUT ANY COMMENTS OF ANY MOVIE IN MY LIFE THAN THIS MOVIE BECAUSE I GET A GOOD FEEL AFTER WATCHING THIS MOVIE .THANKS MR KABEER KHAN FOR GIVING A GREAT MOVIE


This is the first salman khan movie I have watched’I was very touched by the story and cried.loved the scenes of Kashmir so beautiful of the creation of our lord and saviour Jesus .thank youkabir in Fiji islands it is running houseful

Movie with a heart, characters pitch perfect, story-line hart warming. Being Human ace is humane. Though I am not a Salman Khan movies follower, this one tugged the heart strings strongly. A well done job overall. This is right up with PK of Aamir for me from ace Khan.

Figures are always academic and records are meant to be broken but this one is evergreen, will withstand the test of time in being remembered as one of Salman’s best works till date.

Amir khan is a record maker.. and Salman khan is a record breaker………. ek bar mane jo comitment kar di uske bad to mai apni app ki bhi nahi sunta …….

bhai apko award mile ya na mile par apki yeh film aur appki iss film main acting aur also munni smile and eye acting is so high no any one chase that. waw kya film hay .

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the best movie of salman. He gives good message to the peoples and touches the heart everybody

Salman Khan is a super real life hero. He inspires others to make world a better place to live. I am a Big fan of Salman Khan. This movie has excellent message

Salman bhaijaan u have so much potential u have proved it again and again . With very innocence and sincerely acting…
the best part of movie when shahida called”jayshriram mama”u react
and sidddhique bhai b ready for Hollywood movie
Definitely they r working on scripts that suit on u
b ready for dollars and pounds..
For shahida u r the best

One of the best movie in salman bhai’s carrier it’s a heart touching story and harshali and salman bhai acting was superb I love you bhai

I have already watched 3times till date
Awesome story by vijayendra Prasad garu
Awesome acting by sallu bhai hashali babu and nawazuddin siddiqi
Best film ever

SALMAN BHAI I am really grt grt grt grt grt grt grt faaaaaaaaaaaaan of ur’s ……I realy like this Bajrangi Bhaijaan film & I watched movie 7 times …

SALMAN BHAI I am really great great great great great great great faaaaaaaaaaaaan of your’s ……I really like Bajrangi Bhaijaan film & I watched movie 7 times …

One of the rocking performance from Salman and Harshali.Above all Humanity should win.which is very much required at the moment.thanks for the whole unit of this movie for Circulating wonderful message.

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