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Nintendo Offering Limited WiiSpeak And Endless Ocean 2 Bundle At Bargain Price

By Ian Mikutel / Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nintendo is offering a limited time bundle with their upcoming release of Endless Ocean: Blue World that will pack in a WiiSpeak microphone, usually a $29.99 accessory for free. Impressively, the game and WiiSpeak bundle will only cost $29.99, and offers two-player cooperative online modes with full WiiSpeak support.

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii Speak Bundle

Endless Ocean: Blue World is a sequel to Nintendo's original Endless Ocean, released stateside in January 2008. Endless Ocean: Blue World is set to launch in less than a month, February 22, with the limited WiiSpeak bundle available "while supplies last".


The Endless Ocean series was generally well received by critics. The Wiire's own review scored the original title a Final Grade of B, citing the game's educational value, universal appeal for all ages, and general addictiveness.


The limited time WiiSpeak bundle is an especially great value from Nintendo. The company previously charged an extra $20 for the WiiSpeak bundle of Animal Crossing: City Folk when it launched the microphone accessory, pricing the game at $69.99.


This time, Nintendo is essentially offering gamers the accessory for free. It may have to do with the Big N's poor support for, and subsequently low adoption of WiiSpeak, as Endless Ocean: Blue World will mark only the second first-party title to support the device since it's launch two years ago.

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