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Sequel to Little King's Story in Jeopardy

By Mike Suszek / Wednesday, 20 January 2010



From time to time, a fantastic game will come out on the Wii and is met with disappointing sales.  From my standpoint, it's easy to blame poor marketing decisions, broken control schemes, and the often-used "Wii audience" argument to justify a good game not selling to its potential.


Of all the games I've played on the Wii worthy of a second chance at selling the million-plus copies it deserves to, Little King's Story is at the top of the list.  As Gamerzines reports, the game's director/producer has a different take on the problem: he blames Halo.


Speaking to, Little King's Story Producer Yoshiro Kimura expressed his frustration with the game's low sales numbers.


"I wish that Little King's Story sold more in the States. Everybody writes these really good reviews (ed: including The Wiire's glowing review), but the sales just aren't there? I really want there to be a second title, but it's gonna be a little difficult unless more gamers decide to buy the first one."


Fans of the game (or in my opinion, of series like Pikmin), should heed Kimura's advice.


"I want to continue to make games that people all over the world can enjoy. If there's anything that fans can do (to help), it's to go to Amazon and buy (Little King's Story) so that I can continue to make them."


Part of Kimura's gripe is that gamers are putting their money towards other games.


"I need for people to stop buying Halo and start buying Little King's Story? I just made a lot of enemies, didn't I?"


Kimura didn't pin the blame entirely on the consumer.  In fact, he admits that the game's cover art and title also probably didn't help the game sell.


Future endeavors


Kimura isn't out of job thanks to poor sales.  In fact, he has been working with Goichi Suda on No More Heroes 2.  His role?  He handles the production process, including things like "voice recording, getting things localized, getting things motion captured" and more.


He imagines that after No More Heroes 2 production wraps up he'll focus on crafting a smaller game, possibly on the DS or PSP, or a downloadable XBLA title.  Regardless, he assures that he's likely to stay away from one genre: JRPGs.


Asked about any changes he would make to Little King's Story 2, Kimura responds: "Here's a really big scoop - I hate JRPGs. I think they're boring, time consuming, and they make me sleepy. So I'm definitely not going to go in that direction. But I might work on some of the action - maybe pump up the action a little bit. I hope that doesn't disappoint people too much."


I definitely encourage everyone to check out OtakuXGamer's great, full interview with Kimura.  Do the right thing, pick up Little King's Story and support a sequel.

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